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Sterling Bracelet with Wooden Wolf and Crystal Heart Charms

This Bella Bracelet is made from the same materials as our original design, but with a wooden wolf charm, instead of the hand-carved stone wolf charm.

Designer's note: I designed the Bella Bracelet using a stone wolf charm because until now, I could not find a wooden wolf that lived up to my vision of what was described in "Eclipse." The wooden charms I had examined seemed to break easily, and did not have enough detail to be included in my design.

This wooden wolf is quite detailed, and is stained in a russet color between brown and red, with a hint of burnt orange, just as I imagined the color of Jacob's wolf-form fur.

Twilight fans with an eye for detail will appreciate the little things on this cute standing wolf charm, from the tiny ears right down to the paws. If you are looking for THE ONE piece of jewelry every Twilight fan should own, THIS IS IT!

This bracelet includes a pretty Bella Twilight gift box, and is ready for giving.

A note on sizes: The "average" size of a woman's bracelet is 7.5 inches. Most people will feel comfortable with either a 7 inch or an 8 inch bracelet. Unlike other body measurements, wrist size does not change much with weight, so that's why there aren't many sizes listed. Choose a 7 inch bracelet if you are slim or prefer a snug bracelet. Choose an 8 inch bracelet if you need a bit more room, or prefer a looser bracelet. The 6 inch is for children or very slim ladies. Most adults would feel a 6 inch bracelet is too small.

Although the charm is stained and lightly glazed to protect it from incidental exposure to moisture, etc., please take care not to wear your bracelet during vigorous activities.

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Price: $60.00

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